Saturday, September 15, 2012

Strictly Baking

(Don't worry I'll post this recipe in the near future!)

Some of you may have noticed the name-change of my blog.  

I LOVE the idea of talking about exercise, health and wellness but everyday I found my self choosing 
between posting a recipe or posting about exercise tips.  

I find myself more excited to post about tasty recipes that I've created. 

So sadly, I've decided to just stick with ONE main thought and discard the other.  

Obviously I've chosen to have my blog mainly about baking, hence the name change.  

Ideally, if I had my own gourmet cookie shop, this is what I would call it.  

So the name needed to be changed.  

Maybe I will start a blog about exercise and wellness but until then I will continue to post interesting articles, mini workouts, or exercise tips on Facebook.  

If anything it will help keep me motivated to keep talking about fitness one way or another.

So Enjoy my STRICTLY BAKING blog.

Thank you!


  1. i love it..i didn't mind the exercise post but as you know I HATE working out so it didn't apply to me as much as tasty things that make me fat ;)

  2. haha! You win best comment award!