Friday, November 23, 2012


This is my NO-Fail Apple Pie that I made for Thanksgiving Day!
This is my 4th or 5th time using this same crust on different pies and I LOOOVE it soo much because usually the crust is supposed to be the hardest part 
but NOT my crust recipe. It's super easy and comes out beautifully every time!

You can find the apple pie recipe below:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  
Ours was very relaxing without any travelling :)

We spent Thanksgiving with Blake's family which is nice because we all live relatively close by.

I can always count on a delicious Thanksgiving with the Larsons 
with their family recipes of their stuffing and rolls they make every year!  

And there's always plenty of leftovers but by the end of the week it's usually gone!
Because we love eating it all weekend.

My favorite part of this Thanksgiving was having my Sister, JULIA join us!
We've been having a blast together!

Last night we even did some Black Friday Shopping....and it was INSANE!
I underestimated the Black Friday excitement, more like scaryness of people!
We only had one stop and that was Kohls.

The line literally wrapped around Golds Gym which was 3 stores down.  I couldn't believe it.
When we approached the line, people were yelling "Get in the back of the line!" 
I guess because people were cutting in line.  
I didn't mind, I just wanted the yelling to stop!

So when we finally grabbed our stuff we got in line which literally wrapped around the whole store. 
It took us 5 minutes to even find the end of the line.
It was crazy but everyone was curteous, saying excuse me and such.
So no pushing and no FIGHTS broke out even though Julia and I wanted to see one.
So that was my 1st actual Black Friday experience and it will probably be my last :)

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